NEW YORK –  Fashion Designer Louise Golden introduces the Magic Cougar Bra at Fashion Week.

There’s a big bra buzz at Fashion Week in New York.  Louise Golden teamed up with magician Criss Angel to create a special bra for women in their 30s and 40s.  When women put the bra and go into a bar, restaurant or club, men in their early 20s are immediately drawn to them.  Women do not have to flirt or wink or glance over at the men with “come-hither” looks.  They just put the bra on and…  men approach.

“It’s a sexual magnet,” said Golden.  “Criss handled every bra and inserted a small piece, made of material we can’t divulge.  Women, and men, would have trouble finding the piece in the bra. It’s small, compact and it’s powerful.”

Here’s another style of the Magic Cougar Bra:

The bra did cause a major commotion at the Louise Golden Runway Show.  When the models strutted down the catwalk in the Magic Cougar Bras, all the twenty-something males in the audience rushed the stage.  They couldn’t control themselves.  “I don’t know what happened,” said Larry Clark, 26.  “I was there as a freelance photographer, covering the event and when the models came out with those bras, I dropped my camera and went on stage.  It was like I was in a trance.”

Five twenty-something men were arrested for caressing the models breasts.  Two of the men had already taken off their pants.

Several fashion executives in the audience were impressed.  “There’s never been a more powerful piece of clothing,” said Marjorie Winegar of Elle Magazine.  “Many designers try to create sexually alluring clothing, but Louise has created something that is guaranteed to work for women.  We can’t praise this bra enough.”

Oprah has already scheduled a show about the Magic Cougar Bra, which will air on September 27th.  “Oprah thinks that this is the greatest bra invention ever.  It’s definitely going to be one of her Favorite Things this year,” said show producer Jenny Jarmain.

Not everyone is pleased.  “This is bullshit,” said Fritz Barnkopf, 39, of Berlin.  “You can’t make a bra that puts men in a trance.  That’s not fair. Women already have an unfair advantage in bars and clubs.”   Barnkopf said he will be working with designers to create Magic Briefs for men.  “Men need the help.  It would be wonderful if men could just put on some boxer briefs, head into bar and walk home with a woman.”  David Blaine is said to be working with Fritz on the Magic Briefs.

It’s not clear what will happen if the Magic Cougar Bar and the Magic Briefs face-off against each other.

Let the games begin…


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