HOLLYWOOD – Dr. Laura has inked a deal for a new NBC sitcom. She’s starring with her black friend and her gay friend.

Conservative radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who recently give up her show after she used the N-word repeatedly, announced on Larry King’s show that she has a black friend and a gay friend.  King was stunned to hear that Dr. Laura spent time with anybody except white Jews.  “Do you just go out to dinner with them, or do you invite them into your house, as well?”  King asked Dr. Laura.  “I’ve not only had them in my house, they’ve stayed over a night.”  That really shocked King, who grabbed his heart as he said, “Hello, Cleveland!”

After paramedics defibrillated King, Dr. Laura then told Larry King that she just signed a deal with NBC to star in a new sitcom with her black friend and her gay friend.  The sitcom will be called “Dr. Laura’s Friends.”  It takes place in Manhattan where Dr. Laura (who plays a talk show psychologist named Dr. Laura), lives in an apartment with her best friends: Wayne (the black Wayne Brady) and Neil Patrick Harris (the gay Neil Patrick Harris).

“You live with them in the same apartment?”  A shocked Larry King said.  “Yes.  And it’s only a one-bedroom.”  Upon hearing this, King collapsed and was taken to Cedars Sinai Hospital.

Dr. Laura said that she wouldn’t be using the N-Word on the NBC sitcom, but Wayne Brady and Neil Patrick Harris would be allowed to use the C-Word.  “I told them it was okay to call me that, because I feel bad that I offended some N***gers on my show.  I wanted to make it up to them on the sitcom and show American that I can give it and take it.  It’s a First Amendment issue.”

Several reporters questioned whether Wayne Brady was “black enough” to be her “black friend” on the sitcom.  Dr. Laura said, “Man, if that N***ger isn’t black, then I’m not a dwarf.”   Other reporters suggested that Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t flamboyant enough to be her gay friend.  “Neil will be wearing lipstick and a dress in most of the episodes, so you have nothing to worry about.  He’ll be your average queer.”

Since Dr. Laura’s nude pictures are all over the internet, reporters asked her if she would be appearing nude in the sitcom.  “I sure will!”  She said as she flashed some cleavage.

David Chappelle will be the next-door neighbor on the sitcom.  Chappelle and Dr. Laura will call each other the N-Word in every episode.  The sitcom will have the same format each week.  Dr. Laura, Wayne and Neil will get into a  wacky situation and by the end of the episode Dr. Laura will go into a racist, homophobic rant. Then she’ll apologize and they’ll take her back… until the next episode!

“Dr. Laura’s Friends” – Must See TV.

For those who missed it, here’s Dr. Laura’s N-Word rant:


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