DENVER – Denver Broncos rookie, Tim Tebow, decided to convert to Judaism.

Saturday night, Tim Tebow sported his new haircut and yarmulke around the Denver Broncos Invesco Field at Mile High stadium.  There’s an internet sensation about Tebow’s haircut because some thought Tebow’s team mates had cut his hair as part their rookie hazing, but Tebow spoke to reporters last night and said, “I gave myself this haircut.  I’ve decided to convert to Judaism and my new yarmulke fits better on a bald spot. It was hard to keep on with my hair.”

Taylor Mays, a safety for the San Francisco 49ers, who is also Jewish, flew to Denver to offer his assistance in Tebow’s conversion. Several prominent Jewish celebrities also flew in to meet with Tebow:  Natalie Portman, Zac Efron, Amanda Bynes, Evan Rachel Wood, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Scarlett Johansson.  Will Ferrell flew in just… to be there.  Here is Tebow bowing before Scarlett Johansson:

The decision has shocked many of Tebow’s fans and many Christians. Tim Tebow, a Heisman trophy winner,  has been a devout Christian his whole life.  Earlier this year, Tebow was told to “shut the f–k up” by fellow NFL recruits after making a request for prayer before taking the Wonderlic standardized test.  He has now angered some of his Denver Bronco teammates by reading the Torah aloud in the locker room.  Tebow, a brilliant and passionate student of Judaism, can already read and speak Hebrew.

Tebow has also been blasting the traditional Jewish song, Hava Nagila, in the locker room.  But instead of being annoyed by this, the Broncos have grown to love the song and often dance in circles before practice.  Tebow keeps asking them to put him in a chair and hoist him in the air but… he’s a rookie.  Maybe next year.

When leaving the practice field today, Tebow was asked to comment on his decision, but he simply said, “Shalom.”

ESPN’s Mel Kiper, also Jewish,  has been critical of Tebow in the past, but now thinks that Tebow will be the greatest quarterback to ever live.

Tim Tebow is busy trying to pick a Jewish name. He’s leaning toward, Kfir Tuvia Malachi.

A public ceremony announcing Tebow’s final conversion will be held at Invesco Field in  November.  The event is already sold out.



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