FONTANA, CA –  The KleenSpeed WX10, driven by Timothy Collins, set a record at the Fontana Speedway, smashing the previous record set by Jeff Gordon in 1997.

The time trials were held at The  Fontana Speedway in Fontana, CA on July 18th.  The KleenSpeed WX10, developed by KleenSpeed technologies, averaged over 190 miles per hour.   In 1997, Jeff Gordon averaged a Sprint Cup Race record of 155 mph and the track record had previously been held by Kurt Busch, who averaged 177 mph in time trials back in 2000.

The KleenSpeed WX10 is the result of a joint venture with West Racecars, who provided a state of the art prototype sport racer platform, and KleenSpeed, who sourced, developed, installed and integrated.  After learning of the record, Collins celebrated by jumping up-and-down in the air thirty times, rolling on the ground, then getting up and downing a cold bottle of Soy Milk.

The Fontana record has both racing aficionados and automotive engineers baffled.  The designer of the KleenSpeed WX10 system, Dante Zeviar, said the race car just been test on July 14th and topped out 94 miles per hour, “I don’t know how Tim got that much more out of the car.  We’re all amazed.”   To confirm the results NASCAR is sending representatives to the Fontana track, to KleenSpeed’s offices and to the home of Collins.   Some have made the ridiculous charge that Collins was using performance enhancing drugs.

NASCAR President, Mike Helton, said they are taking the track record very seriously, “If these results are confirmed, we’ve not only proven the viability of electric cars on the NASCAR circuit, but also… we’ve found our next NASCAR superstar.”

A pit boss at Fontana, John Kehoe, said that he’s never seen a driver like Collins.  “That man could turn VW Bug fly around this track!   He’s magic behind the wheel, pure magic.”  Many who were there that day remarked that when they saw Collins climb into the KleenSpeed WX10, they thought they saw a flash of light.   “It was like he had some magic potion flowing all over his body.  Dang, it was something,” said rear-tire changer, Steve Arcano.  “Some guys got it.  And some guys “got” it.”

Jimmie Johnson, the NASCAR superstar, saw a tape of the time trial and was not only impressed, he was a bit nervous.  “I didn’t believe it when I heard about it, but then I saw the tape and either there’s some magic going on in that car or Collins is one heckuva driver.   I hope he joins NASCAR, so I can have some good competition for once.”

Collins, who is already being courted by the biggest sports agents in the country, is celebrating his 70th birthday with his family in San Francisco so he is holding off making any decisions about his racing career.  But WWN has learned that he has already been entered into the BrickYard 400 taking place in Indianapolis on July 25th.  NASCAR has also officially entered him in The Chase for The Sprint Cup.  He’s picking up endorsements fast – you’ll probably see Red Bull and Hair-Color-For-Men emblazoned across the KleenSpeed WX10 when it hits the Brickyard.

And Collins we’ll be wearing lucky #70 when he hits the track.

“Plugged in, fired up!”  Collins shouted to reporters as he rushed to his birthday bash.


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